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The Platform

The Most Critical Issue

The Alamo is under attack again. It is being led by the very conservator commissioned to preserve it—Texas Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush. His REIMAGINE THE ALAMO Master Plan will destroy the Alamo as we know it.

Veterans United By A Common Goal

  As a 31-year first responder firefighter, Rick Range is very cognizant of and sympathetic to the issues suffered by a great many of our veterans. Serving their needs will be one of his very top priorities. Housing needs and mental health are two of the most pressing problems that need addressing.  

Texas Disasters

 In 2015 – 2016, Texas experienced six federal disaster declarations that spread across 160 of the state’s 254 counties. These disasters impacted more than 76 percent of the state’s population. Range will work to ensure that Texas gets its fair share of  CDBG-DR Funds.

The Candidate

Rick Range is best qualified to manage the Alamo, veterans affairs, and natural disasters

   Rick Range is a fourth-generation Texan and a lifelong resident of Dallas County where his family has lived since 1890. He graduated from Irving High School and then attended North Texas State University in Denton and West Texas State University in Canyon where he received his B.M.E. Range taught at the junior high and high school levels before becoming a career firefighter with the Mesquite Fire Department. Here he served for over 31 years as a Driver-Engineer and also as Spanish translator for both the fire and police departments.  

For the last dozen years, Range has been heavily involved in research for a book covering all aspects of the Alamo and the Texas War for Independence. He serves as a Board Member of the Alamo Society, an international association of Alamo scholars, researchers, and dedicated enthusiasts. Also a member of the Alamo Battlefield Association, the San Jacinto Battleground Conservancy, and an associate member of the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association, he has spent nearly twenty years in Alamo research in both English and Spanish. 

A few months ago he founded the Save The Alamo Committee along with its associated website and social media in order to get the word out to the voters of Texas about George P. Bush’s disastrous REIMAGINE THE ALAMO Master Plan. On November 1, Range publicly announced his candidacy for the office of Texas General Land Office Commissioner to replace George P. Bush. 

Support for the rick range campaign


    Our appeal for donations in order to do a statewide mailing has not raised enough funds to do one. However, we won’t allow that to impede our campaign. We have a less costly alternative that should be almost as effective. It is the most cost-efficient way dollar-for-dollar to reach the mass of voters in such a huge state. 

     If ALL of our followers who have yet to contribute donate 7 dollars or more, that would enable us to do a statewide radio ad campaign. This special discounted package rate was arranged by one of our supporters. With that amount we could blast this entire state with our Alamo message from the Panhandle to the Valley. I have no doubt it would have a tremendous impact.

    We and those who have helped are fighting this battle just as hard as we can, but we can only go so far without adequate ammunition. We are going to do very well in this election, but with just a little help from everybody we could win the whole ballgame and ensure the future of the Alamo. Please consider for yourself whether that would be worth 7 bucks.

     We already have an ad with an excellent and powerful message ready in the can. It is now up to you whether we will be able to fire it. Please click the donate button below. Or mail a check to Rick Range Campaign at 702 Briarwood Dr., Garland, TX 75041 -Rick Range

P.S.— If we do this we are going to have to buy the ads very soon. (The deadline is February 5th.) If we are to deliver this powerful blow the time to act is NOW.

Save Texas History

Save the Alamo


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