Rick Range speaks at the February 23 Alamo Cenotaph Rally

February 23 commemorates the first day of the siege of the Alamo. This is Texas Freedom Force sponsored a commemorative event followed by several speakers at the Cenotaph. Rick Range discusses issues associated with his race against George P. Bush for Texas General Land Office Commissioner.

Save the Alamo

Learn about the controversy and what Rick Range will do about it.

February 13: Rick Range Interview on KCRS

Range discusses issues associated with the GLO Commissioner race.

November 14: Rick Range on Lago in the Morning

Range discusses issues facing the Alamo under Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush.

Latest News

Possible Cenotaph relocation slammed by Bush's Republican primary challengers

Three Republicans challenging Land Commissioner George P. Bush slammed his proposal to relocate the granite Cenotaph from Alamo Plaza during a rally Friday night.

George P. Bush's Last Stand at the Alamo

A plan to fix the historic site could have propelled the political scion to glory. Instead it's become his biggest battle.

'We are deeply disappointed': George P. Bush mailer claims his office gave $4B to Texas schools

Two fellow Republicans on the State Board of Education are hammering Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush over a claim in a campaign mailer that his office contributed $4 billion to public schools during his tenure.

Contenders for George P. Bush's post knock his handling of Harvey recovery, Alamo redevelopment

Jerry Patterson wants a shot at George P. Bush. So do the other four Republican and Democratic challengers in the race for Texas Land Commissioner. The problem, they say, is that Bush won't face them.

Texas land commissioner doesn't reveal Austin home, loan

  George P. Bush lives in an Austin mansion that was financed through a bank owned by one of his political donors, and the Texas land commissioner failed to report the house and the loan in public disclosure documents required by the state. 

George P. Bush falsely describes himself as 'retired' Navy officer

 In a mailer, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush called himself a retired Navy officer. PolitiFact Texas found this claim False   

George P. Bush reaped $111,000 from contractors at the agency he leads


Since George P. Bush took over the Texas General Land Office in 2015, the agency has awarded about $164 million worth of state contracts to 12 companies with employees or political committees that have donated to Bush’s campaign, public records show.

Together, the 12 companies and their employees have given at least $111,175 to Bush’s campaign.

EXCLUSIVE: George P. Bush slammed by audit over Alamo concerns


On Dec. 5, the state Senate Finance Committee questioned Land Commissioner George P. Bush and the agency’s general counsel, Jeff Gordon, about the three nonprofits the General Land Office had set up to manage, promote and raise money for the Alamo — each with its own mission but with identical boards made up of Bush and 10 of the state’s most recognizable movers and shakers.

Dispute breaks out over leaked Alamo draft audit

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush says a draft audit critical of Alamo operations that was released this week was “doctored” and the state agency has reported its unofficial release to law enforcement for investigation.

After land office inks Harvey contract, Land Commissioner George P. Bush gets donations from contractor

The Texas General Land Office, led by Republican Land Commissioner George P.

Bush, signed a contract with Horne LLP for Harvey disaster recovery services on

Oct. 30, 2017. Three days later, Bush received $27,500 in campaign money from

Horne executives.

Controversy erupts over proposal to relocate Alamo Plaza monument

"Right here, on this spot, is where the souls left the bodies of the Alamo defenders," said [Lee Spencer] White, now president and founder of the Alamo Defender Descendants Association.

Three Republican TX Land Commissioner Candidates United by Common Thread: Save the Alamo!

Three of the four Republican candidates that filed for Commissioner of the

Texas General Land Office are united by a common thread, which some are calling the

“Lightening rod” to igniting this particular race, as its message resonates with voters.

The common ground? Save the Alamo! Kick George P. out of office before he can do

anymore damage with his project to re-imagine, re-do, re-invent the Alamo and its


George P. Bush says he misspoke in calling for special session on Hurricane Harvey Relief

Bush's about-face came a day after ... saying, "The Legislature needs to take a deep look at the Rainy Day Fund..."

George P. Bush: Confederate Heroes Day Should Not Be a Texas Holiday

Land Commissioner George P. Bush told the editorial board of

Bryan-College-Station’s The Eagle that he believes Confederate

Heroes Day should not be a Texas state holiday.

Imagining the ALAMO CENOTAPH Right Where It Is!

In the original Master Plan one of the key concepts was to relocate the Cenotaph as the GLO press release of April 13, 2017 states: Relocate the Cenotaph to an historically significant and prominent location nearby.

State Lawmakers Question Bush

State lawmakers questioned Land Commissioner George P. Bush about his oversight of the Alamo. Bush took sharp criticism from Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee and challenged him to explain the relationships and responsibilities of nonprofit "partners" in the Alamo venture.

Bush Grilled by State Legislators

The Senate Finance Committee insisted that Bush provide more transparency in the management of the historic Alamo mission and battle site.

Secrecy, Transparency Problems

Txas Land Commissioner George P. Bush's $450 million plan to "Reimagine the Alamo" involves public funds and private funds—and secrecy.

The Alamo Cannot Afford Another George P. Bush Plan

George P. Bush turned over much of the Alamo restoration plan to nonprofit partners, and we see where that got him. Another candidate in this race, Davey Edwards, suggests that he would move management of the Alamo out of the GLO and into control of some unspecified "details to be worked out" independent "commission." Looks like he doesn't want to deal with it either.

Bush Faces Challengers, Criticism


Controversy over the Texas Land Commissioner’s plans to “Re-imagine” the state’s most famous landmark has attracted three primary election opponents and put Bush on the hot seat for a bipartisan grilling by the Senate Finance Committee last week.

Important Announcement: Mail-in Ballots

  Every person over 65 years of age can now vote by mail. Monday, January 1st, is the first day that you can order your mail-in ballot if you intend to vote in the March 6th Republican Primary by mail. If you prefer, you can print your mail-in ballot application from the link below. Your mail-in ballot application must be mailed to your local Early Voting Clerk. You can find that address at the link also. To ensure your ballot is counted in the election, mail the completed ballot no later than February 27. 

Range Files for Ballot Place

  On Tuesday, November 14th, Rick Range filed to run for General Land Office Commissioner of Texas. Range is the first and only candidate to have officially filed to run against George P. Bush.     ˖

Land Office candidate files ethics complaint over Bush’s staff at Alamo

"It has to be illegal to do politial activity on the public dime," said Range. Click the link to read the article.

George P. Bush Campaign Caught in One More Sleazy Tactic

These people are not even good at lying. Do they really think that anybody is going to believe that it was merely coincidental that they put a camera right in my face while I was delivering the announcement speech in order that they could be "taking panoramic photos of the Alamo, Long Barrack, Plaza and street for an interactive [video] showing the battlefield of 1836 versus 2017."