John L. Hinnant

Broadside Blast

My name is John L. Hinnant, and— not that it makes any real difference—a sixth generation Native Texan.

Just wanted to get my name up front, so you will immediately know who is posting this broadside aimed at over 95 percent of you so-call Alamo Lovers. The other 5 percent are not in the line of fire. After reading this post, they will know who they are and will know why.

Rick Range is too much of a gentleman to say what I am going to say here. I, on the other hand, am not. So all of you so called Alamo lovers, get a good grip on that saddle horn. You will need it. This is going to be a rough ride.

I will start this missive with a quotation from SACRIFICED AT THE ALAMO authored by Dr. Richard Bruce Winders, a man for whom I have a great deal of respect.

“Traditionalist need not be concerned that I am suggesting that the Bexar garrison did not make the ultimate sacrifice by remaining at the Alamo. Nevertheless, it appears that they died still expecting help to arrive instead of resigning themselves to inevitable slaughter. The bickering between their countrymen, whose different motives prevented agreement on a single course of action, prevented a successful frontier defense and allowed the Centralist access to the American colonies. Left largely on its own, the Bexar garrison held out as long as it could before being overwhelmed on the morning of March 6, 1836. 

Although killed by soldiers of the Centralist government, the Bexar garrison was doomed by the political infighting that raged among Texas’s revolutionary leaders.”

Dr. Winders is the only author I have ever read that puts the responsibility for the Alamo disaster squarely on the shoulders of the men who did nothing—and could have—but were too busy with more personal business.

And why did they ignore the Alamo’s appeals for help?

The answer is very simple; they were too busy making sure their personal, political, and financial futures were secure to bother with the Alamo situation.

And that brings me to my message to the vast majority of those who post on this Facebook page. Your posts, tweets, and text messages are nothing but hot air. You are all mouth and nothing more.

You want to post a hot response to my words; go ahead. I scoff at your meaningless words; just more hot air.

Rick Range created this website and social media platform in an attempt to keep you informed about the Bush plan to Reimagine the Alamo, and all you do is bitch and bellyache, but nothing more than that.

Rick Range jumped into the political race against George P. to try to stop the Reimagine the Alamo plan.

What do you do? Continue sitting on your hands and shouting out “Go get’em, Rick.” More nothing but hot air.

Your total inaction proves my words. 

Think not? OK; exactly how much financial aid have you sent to Rick? Oh yes, the numbers prove that most of you have sent not one red cent to help Rick with his campaign expenses. 

A mere handful of those posting on the Facebook page or visiting the website have given financial aid to Rick. They are the ones not in the line of fire of my broadside. They are the ones that are to be applauded for their help. They are the ones that can look back and say, “I GAVE! I TRIED.”

I know it for a fact that you all have let Rick Range personally carry the burden for over 90 percent of this campaign to save the Alamo out of his own pocket. Literally, 99 percent of you supposed Alamo defenders have contributed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help, not even 10 dollars.

There is still time to make a difference in this race if you are willing to put just a little bit of money where your mouth is. Even with his millions, George P. Bush can still be defeated IF we are able to get the word out. That takes money. 

John L. Hinnant 

God and Texas

Gary Gobel

  Having sat through a couple of Alamo Reimagined Meetings now and listened to the questions and responses, I am not enthusiastic that the "team" of experts on this issue is at all interested in the opinion of the people.    

I have come to the conclusion that only patriots and the politically connected will make a difference now. The simple fact is, the rebuilding of the mission fortress to a real attraction and homage to the battle is in real danger of being snuffed out by politically correct maneuverings and academic snobbery. We are being told how it will be—how it will be done with our tax monies on our turf with our history.   

I think the time for tolerance and discussion with this "team" has ended and this fake façade of concern for the public, the historian and the Texas patriot—has come to an end.   

I find it ironic that the same city that tore down the Veramendi Palace, paved over acequia and has had the short sightedness to allow commercial buildings to be built on the West Wall of the Alamo—a place of historical significance and renown, the most significant site of the War of Texas Independence and a legend of American folk lore and heroism, now concerns itself with any claim that these current blocking and impinging buildings sitting on the West Wall, are of historical value and should be preserved—thus complicating and restricting the complete rebuilding of the mission fortress to its full dimensions. The building of the federal post office, smack dab on the North Wall is an equally short sighted lack of historical reverence but, this building could be retained and used as an outstanding museum of Texas Independence and should be donated for such use to the state.   

I envision the complete mission fortress, rebuilt as close as description and historical evidence indicates, to its condition on 5 March 1836, the eve of the final battle, complete with cannon, abutments, abatis, flags and such as would be found in preparation for battle. Leave untouched the iconic hump on the chapel—in fact, leave the chapel untouched as a shrine and leave the Cenotaph in place as an iconic monument to the bravery of the defenders where it has stood since 1940.    

This is only made complicated and slow by the academic arrogance of non-Texans and people who askew the reverence of this site among historians and patriots.